Our association with Hospital Suggest has been very good. Their team has extensive experience and knowledge of healthcare industry. The patients are referred to us with their complete details such as personal, medical, diagnostic / pathological reports, insurance etc. This saves a lot of our administrative team’s time. Our doctors can now only focus on medical treatment and not worrying of other time consuming administrative processes. Hospital Suggest is doing a good job by connecting patients with healthcare providers of their choice.
Zen Hospital – Mumbai
    We are proud to be a partner of Hospital Suggest from Tanzania, Africa. We have recently been associated with them for providing healthcare services to patients seeking medical treatment in India. They have reputed hospitals and renowned healthcare professionals in their listings. As there is a lack of quality healthcare infrastructure and doctors in Africa, many patients are looking to India for their medical treatments at affordable cost. Hospital Suggest with their professional team are providing all the guidance and support in selecting the right hospitals and doctors for our patients with affordability and discounts.
Omulinga Healthcare – Tabola, Tanzania